Have you ever seen the stories of people going on mission trips to far away places in other countries and thought, “That would be great but I don't have the money to join that trip,” or “I like the idea of going on a mission trip, but travelling that far makes me nervous”?

The United Methodist Congress of the Deaf and the Evangelical Lutheran Deaf Association are partnering through our Deaf ELM partnership to make a mission trip that will stay right here in the USA but still let us gather and serve others faithfully in mission!

The Appalachian mountain area of the USA faces a great deal of poverty and often people need assistance with everything from home repairs to education to health needs. The Red Bird Mission is a ministry of The United Methodist Church in Beverly, Kentucky that provides a variety of service and support to people in this area of our country. They host teams throughout the year that do basic construction work to help make needed repairs to people's homes. They also have projects on their mission site for people who can't do construction work. Youth and families are particularly welcome!

Join us at the Red Bird Mission August 11-17, 2019! The total cost will be $375 + whatever transportation is needed to get to Beverly, Kentucky from where you are. The closest airport is Knoxville, TN.

If God is calling you to go, a $50 non-refundable deposit is needed by Jan. 15, 2019. This is required by the Red Bird mission and if you don't have a deposit in, you won't be able to join later. The deposit check should be made out to Red Bird Mission and sent to Carol Stevens, 5303 Christiana Mdws, Bear, DE 19701 and arrive by January 15th.

If you have more questions about the trip, contact Carol Stevens (carolstevens100@hotmail.com) or Rev. Patti Ravilious (rev.patti.rav@gmail.com), and see the flyers. When a list of attendees is ready, we will plan transportation.

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